The Black Women

Commercial and fashion was actually the type of photography I shot in Detroit and what I was hoping to catapult my photography here in New York City. This was the more popular media, and my friend had many top photographers like Annie Liebovitz shooting out of his studio. Unfortunately, I was not giving the same opportunity as my white male or female counterparts.  The series was shot deep from my passion for developing my art and the anger I felt inside at that time because I was a better photographer. But never got the change to shoot a cover for a major magazine. It was the motivation for the theme. Notice how the American Flag is shot backward symbolizing racism and gender discrimination with the presence of the black woman.  Also the red background against the flag symbolizing the pain that women have been enduring for decades. When I was reviewing this earlier works, what came to mind was the police killings of Brennon Taylor & Sandra Bland, and how black women are under-represented, and my recent experience in the hospital after having a stroke and how I was treated.  Even today, how U.S. Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke about how she was approached by a white male Congressman calling her a ”fucking bitch” on the nation’s capital steps. So I just condensed all the emotional distress in the world experienced by women of color particularly black. That is what the series represents and where the idea came from.


The camera I use was Hasselblad 501c with an 80mm lens and the film was Fujichrome 120 transparencies and printed the images on archival paper.


World Press Foundation will be showcasing The Black Women Series photographs on Instagram


Dark Portrait