Jazz Is My Life


This photographic essay is about documenting all of the Jazz greats known by not just a few but everyone. These musicians allowed me into their personal environment for two weeks to a month to be photographed and to tell their story of what jazz means to them. The viewer can get a deeper and real understanding about jazz and its history, and how it has made an impact on the world. These images were so important to the musicians that they decided to leave a personal memento right in the photograph itself, followed by a written personal statement. I shoot this with black & white film with no flash to capture the natural light and the mood of their environment. Then I design a custom silver metal ¾ Black Matt window frame for the Black &White 11x14 fiber base prints. This allow the view to peek close inside the musician personally life and then read the power personal statement and see the musician personal memento on the outside of the window frame. This is their legacy of jazz for the world and there story.